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Sleeping With Osteoarthritis: Is Osteoarthritis Keeping You Awake at Night?

Many people who suffer from osteoarthritis don’t sleep well due to discomfort. If you have osteoarthritis, you may experience occasional or chronic insomnia. Fortunately, there are actions you can take, starting today, that may help you to get a better night’s sleep. By using natural strategies you are likely to fall asleep quicker, stay asleep longer, and awake feeling more comfortable and refreshed. The first step to solving your insomnia is to determine what is causing...

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Shoes for Osteoarthritis

Why the Right Shoes for Osteoarthritis Are So Important

Manage your pain and discomfort by finding the right shoes for osteoarthritis to accommodate your lifestyle and severity of the disease.
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Osteoarthritis Pain

Coping With Osteoarthritis Pain

"A complex entity such as chronic pain requires a multi-dimensional approach to effectively manage it," Ali writes on coping with osteoarthritis pain.
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Range of Motion Exercises for Arthritis

Range of Motion Exercises for Arthritis

No amount of exercise will replace lost cartilage. However, range of motion exercises for arthritis can reduce pain and promote overall joint heath.
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Osteoarthritis in the Home

Strategies for Osteoarthritis in the Home

"I struggled with simple tasks and became overwhelmed in a place I called home." Ali shares his best strategies for dealing with osteoarthritis in the home.
1.5k found this helpful by Ali Esfahani on July 19, 2016
Infographic oa spoon theory infographic

How to Explain OA With the Spoon Theory

If you live with chronic illness, explaining your condition can be tough. The spoon theory was created to do just that, and has since become so much more.
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Osteoarthritis Flare-Up

Getting Through an Osteoarthritis Flare Up

Whether it is caused by a rainy day or physical activity, dealing with an osteoarthritis flare up is terrible. These tips can help you cope.
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How Having a Pet Can Help With OA

How Having a Pet Can Help With OA

Having a pet helps alleviate negative feelings caused by chronic pain, provides unconditional support, and is a perpetual distraction from the condition.
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Dealing With a Lack of Empathy for OA

Dealing With a Lack of Empathy for OA

When you have osteoarthritis, you get used to a lack of empathy from others. But how do we keep it from bringing us down?
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Myths About Arthritis

Myths About Arthritis We’ve All Heard

There are a few misconceptions widely accepted about osteoarthritis. These myths about arthritis often lead to a lack of understanding towards the disease.
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Osteoarthritis Resolutions

Setting Osteoarthritis Resolutions

The obvious wish for those suffering from OA is a cure. Until that happens, the following are a few potential New Year's resolutions we can commit to.
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