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Patricia Bratianu, RN, PhD, RH (AHG), is a nurse with 40 years of experience in an array of inpatient and outpatient settings.

During those years Patricia came to realize that conventional healthcare was not meeting the needs of all patients. She became an herbalist and obtained a PhD in natural health. This affords her the opportunity to provide balanced well rounded health care options to her clients.

Patricia is a professional member of the American Herbalist’s Guild, having passed the stringent peer reviewed process to become a registered Herbalist.

Patricia believes no one health care system has all the answers. She uses philosophies and modalities encompassing cutting edge sciences and ancient healing traditions to create individualized programs for clients. She educates and empowers clients, assisting them in choosing health care options that work for them.

Patricia works with people of all ages who have a variety of health concerns. She writes and teaches about health and herbs.

Patricia's Work

Exercise for Osteoarthritis

How to Ease Osteoarthritis Symptoms With Gentle Exercise

Exercise can make a big difference in how you feel if you suffer from osteoarthritis. Read on to learn about exercise for osteoarthritis.
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Arthritis and Weight Loss

Managing Arthritis and Weight Loss

Carrying around extra pounds places additional stress on your joints. Manage your arthritis and weight loss with these tips for a healthy diet and exercise.
384 found this helpful by Patricia Bratianu on February 2, 2016
Osteoarthritis in Hands

Osteoarthritis in Hands: Protecting Your Joints

There are many ways you can protect your joints and make living with osteoarthritis in hands and fingers more comfortable.
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Drinks for Osteoarthritis

The Best Drinks for Osteoarthritis

While red wine and spearmint tea can have a positive impact, beer is best avoided. Learn more about drinks for osteoarthritis patients here.
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Sleeping with Osteoarthritis

Sleeping with osteoarthritis can be an problem due to discomfort. Fortunately, there are actions you can take, that may help you get a better night’s sleep.
by Patricia Bratianu on July 29, 2015
Mobility Aids for Osteoarthritis Patients

Mobility Aids for Osteoarthritis Patients

There are steps you can take to enhance your comfort and keep you safe – and one of those steps is investing in a mobility aids for osteoarthritis.
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Broccoli for Osteoarthritis Treatment

Broccoli for Osteoarthritis Treatment?

Research suggests that a compound found in broccoli could be a worthwhile osteoarthritis treatment.
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Joint Deformity with OA

Joint Deformity with OA

Joint deformity from osteoarthritis causes pain, disfigurement, and debility. Several factors precipitate the formation of OA and joint deformity.
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High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure

Several years ago experts at a British arthritis organization claimed that osteoarthritis was related to high blood pressure, hypertension.
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Herbs for Osteoarthritis

Herbs for Osteoarthritis

Let’s take a look at some of the most effective herbs for osteoarthritis to help make living with OA less challenging.
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