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With over 25 years of experience in treating patients from an alternative health perspective, Dr. Donna Schwontkowski offers insight into how to use natural methods of healing to significantly improve your health.

Her background includes being a retired chiropractor, a dietitian in charge of nursing home residents’ nutritional needs, a clinical nutritionist, and a Master Herbalist.

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Osteoarthritis Diet

Foods for Osteoarthritis

When growing a garden full of foods for osteoarthritis make sure you choose plants that have the potential to strengthen your joints, like these.
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Recipes for Osteoarthritis

Recipes for Osteoarthritis

These healthy salads are great recipes for osteoarthritis and can go a long way to helping calm down the inflammation in your joints.
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Smoothies for Arthritis

Smoothies for Arthritis

There are two ways to make smoothies for arthritis: one where your pain increases and another where your pain is relieved. Which one would you prefer?
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Tips for Osteoarthritis Grocery Shopping

Tips for Grocery Shopping

Here are some tips for osteoarthritis that make grocery shopping a much simpler errand. Firstly, ask someone to come with you or borrow a motorized chair.
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Chiropractic Treatments for OA

Chiropractic Treatments

Chiropractic medicine is one of the most natural forms of healing. It’s also the most popular form of natural healing.
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Acupressure Points for Relief

Acupressure Points for Relief

Osteoarthritis can affect numerous joints and you may feel all of them hurt simultaneously. Try using acupressure points to relieve osteoarthritic pain.
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