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Emotional Sensitivity: The Connection Between OA, Pain and Emotions

Pain and Emotional Sensitivity

Although pain does not necessarily put one’s life at risk, it does put one’s quality of life in jeopardy. Physical pain can be very difficult to deal with, however what is often overlooked is that the emotional effects of continued pain can be the most painful to bare. Everyone deals with uncomfortable feelings differently, including pain. They might become angry and frustrated, isolate themselves, or develop depression. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America,...

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Broccoli for Osteoarthritis Treatment

Broccoli for Osteoarthritis Treatment?

Research suggests that a compound found in broccoli could be a worthwhile osteoarthritis treatment.
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Is There a Link Between Osteoarthritis and Alcohol Consumption?

Is There a Link Between Osteoarthritis and Alcohol Consumption?

A US study that involved over 500 women reported no significant link between osteoarthritis and alcohol.
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New OA Treatment

New OA Treatment

Researchers have discovered a new OA treatment that reduces pain without the side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs.
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