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Emotional Sensitivity: The Connection Between OA, Pain and Emotions

Pain and Emotional Sensitivity

Although pain does not necessarily put one’s life at risk, it does put one’s quality of life in jeopardy. Physical pain can be very difficult to deal with, however what is often overlooked is that the emotional effects of continued pain can be the most painful to bare. Everyone deals with uncomfortable feelings differently, including pain. They might become angry and frustrated, isolate themselves, or develop depression. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America,...

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Osteoarthritis and Injury

How an Injury Can Lead to Osteoarthritis

What is known about osteoarthritis and injury? When a person injures a joint they have an increased risk of developing OA in that same joint in the future.
by Ali Esfahani on January 18, 2017


If the arthritic changes put pressure on a nerve (i.e. neck or lower back), you can experience numbness and tingling in the hands, or legs respectively.
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Weather & Osteoarthritis

Weather and Osteoarthritis

What can you do when you cannot escape the weather and osteoarthritis? Check out the following tips to prepare for what Mother Nature dishes out!
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